Mark Carney had a great response when he was asked what it's like to be the 'George Clooney' of central banking

Bank of England governor Mark Carney is a difficult person to get an interesting answer out of during media interviews, but Eammon Holmes managed to get a brilliant answer out of him early on Wednesday morning.

After a round of questions on monetary and financial policy, Holmes asked Carney what it’s like to be “the George Clooney” of the central banking world.

When Carney took his job in the UK, British newspapers swooned, with at least one calling it “the Carney crush.”

Carney had a snappy answer, laughing and saying “it’s a very low bar.” It’s fair to say that the world’s monetary policymakers aren’t known for being the most attractive profession in the world.

Carney also fielded questions about his ambitions after the Bank of England, with Holmes asking him directly if he wanted to be the Prime Minister of his own native Canada. Carney was previously governor of the Bank of Canada,and reports circulated when that he was interested in becoming the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

The Canadian Liberal party just stormed back to power in an October, led by the equally dreamy Justin Trudeau.

Carney directly mentioned Trudeau, saying “he’s very good” and that “he’s much younger than me”

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