Mark Burnett Countersues Ex Manager: Doesn't Owe Him One Fat Dime

Three weeks ago, Survivor mastermind Mark Burnett was sued by his longtime business manager, Conrad Riggs, for withholding profits from Burnett’s successful reality TV series. Now Burnett is countersuing, contending he paid Riggs what he was owed but Riggs just wants more.

Frankly, we don’t blame him. After all, Riggs’ suit apparently complicated plans for IMG to buy Burnett’s company.

LA Times: “Survivor” producer Mark Burnett, voting his longtime business manager off the island, contended Wednesday in a lawsuit that even after Conrad Riggs received more than $25 million during their decade-long relationship, Riggs engaged in schemes to enrich himself further.

Burnett’s countersuit comes three weeks after Riggs originally sued Burnett, the producer of such reality TV shows as “The Apprentice” and “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?” for allegedly reneging on an agreement to pay Riggs and his company, Cloudbreak Entertainment Inc., 10% of Burnett’s profit.

In his 20-page cross complaint, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Burnett claimed that he did provide Riggs 10% of his net earnings on successful TV show projects that Riggs had negotiated on Burnett’s behalf.

“Even though Riggs has already been paid the staggering sum of more than $25 million by Burnett, Riggs seeks still more,” the lawsuit said. “Riggs now contends, without any basis, that he is entitled to payments on projects for which his services were never requested and on which he rendered none.”

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