HERE IT IS: Marissa Mayer's New Homepage

Marissa Mayer made her fame and fortune at Google, where she was responsible for the original design of

And now, two months after becoming Yahoo CEO, she has updated

A new version is slowly being rolled out into the wild, and we’ve got a screengrab that a source close to Yahoo tells us is authentic. is Yahoo’s most important product. ComScore says 170 million people visit Yahoo sites everyday, and a huge percentage of them are funneled to this page. Its ad units are perhaps the most valuable on the Internet.

Sources tell us more changes are on the way. The page is going to get more personalised and customisable, we hear.

Here are today’s big changes to the page:

  • The search bar is now centered, and is part of a darker toolbar that is fixed to the top of the page as the user scrolls down.
  • The Yahoo! logo is smaller, and no longer purple.
  • The word “search” has been replaced with a magnifying glass icon.
  • There are far fewer links to Yahoo Sites on the left side. Losers are: Dating, Flickr, Games, Jobs, Messenger, Music, My Yahoo!, and TV.
  • Local weather has its own module.
  • What’s trending has been deemphasized and moved to the left column. 
  • This is a now secound large story tout below the top stories.
  • Instead of just headlines, the news river has story summaries.
  • Astrology has its own module.

For a reminder, here is what Yahoo’s homepage looks like now. Below, what it will start to look like soon.

Yahoo's homepage now
Yahoo New Homepage

And here is what it looks like if you scroll down. Note the search bar comes with you…

Yahoo New

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