Marissa Mayer's New Flickr Is Beautiful And Deep With Functionality Far Surpassing Instagram

Photo: Marissa Mayer in a Flickr-filtered photo

Back before the smartphone era, I was a Flickr power user.But then I got an iPhone, and the purpose of my photography changed.

Instead of trying to impress strangers on Flickr, I started taking photos to share with friends and family via Facebook, then Twitter, and later Instagram.

One big reason for this was that Flickr didn’t have an iPhone app at first. Later, when it did, it was for consuming Flickr photos, not taking them.

Meanwhile, Instagram became my go-to app because it took my ugly smartphone photos and made them look halfway decent with cheesy effects like tilt-focus and filters.

But yesterday, under new, mobile-focused CEO Marissa Mayer, Yahoo released a new Flickr app.

It’s a huge upgrade.

But is it enough to win you and me back?

After you install the app, tap on it to begin. It's the one with the two dots in the icon.

You have to fill out a sign up page.

The first time in the app, you'll see a few tips like this one…

…and these.

This is what the home screen looks like. Tap the blue camera icon to take a photo.

Here's the photo-taking screen. Lots of options!

You can zoom using the slider on the right

Tapping the two inverse arrows at the top points the camera at you.

Tap the lightning icon to adjust flash settings.

Tap the box to get a grid useful for lining up your photo.

Here are a few filters …

Here's the photo.

Here's the photo upload screen. It's feature-rich compared with Instagram's.

Select which Twitter account you want to share your photo through.

Tap the name of the place where you are, or search for it.

… you can add your photo to an existing set …

… I tagged my colleague, Dylan Love …

Tagging is a feature that Instagram doesn't have yet.

In Advanced options, you can also add categorical tags (keywords). This is also something Instagram doesn't have.

… you can see your photos, as you've organised them in the past. Tap on a set …

… and you can play a slideshow, comment on it, or share it.

… and photos nearby.

Here's the final screen, a bunch more granular options.

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