Marissa Mayer Sets 2015 Goal For Yahoo Mobile Dominance, Mentions Acqui-Hires

Marissa Mayer Disrupt

Photo: kevinkrejci

One of Yahoo’s biggest problems is that it is a desktop Web company, dependent on desktop Web users, who check their desktop Web mail.By the end of this decade, more people will be connected to the Internet through their mobile devices than their desktop computers.

Already, Web-based email usage – Yahoo’s crown jewel product – is declining. Teens prefer text and adults check their mail from their phones.

So, when new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer held an all-hands meeting today to describe her turnaround plan for the company, mobile was at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Mayer addressed the problem. She said that by 2015, Yahoo will have mobile products that hundreds of millions of users touch every day.

She didn’t discuss specific product ideas. We’re told she mentioned one tool she will use is “acqui-hires,” which are when a company like Yahoo buys a startup not for its product, but for its talented engineers.

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