Marissa Mayer Says She Doesn't Believe In Burnout

marissa mayer

Photo: Flickr/TechCrunch50-2008

Google VP Marissa Mayer told a crowd in New York City last night that she doesn’t believe in burnout.Even though as Google’s 20th employee she was regularly pulling all-nighters and working 130 hours a week, she says she never got tired of it, reports Joseph Walker at WSJ’s FINS

“People say, ‘there’s only 168 hours in a week, how can you do it?’ Well, if you’re strategic about when you shower and sleeping under your desk, it can be done,” she told Bloomberg Businessweek Editor Josh Tyrangiel. “I don’t really believe in burnout. A lot of people work really hard for decades and decades, like Winston Churchill and Einstein. … 

“Burnout is about resentment. It’s about knowing what matters to you so much that if you don’t get it that you’re resentful.”

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