Marissa Mayer Says The Work From Home Ban Was 'Well-Received Inside The Company'

marissa mayer

Marissa Mayer says her decision to ban Yahoo employees from working from home took on a life of its own that she never intended.

Speaking at Wired’s Business Conference, Mayer said, “I didn’t mean for it to become an industry narrative.” People working remotely was “not right for us, right now,” said Mayer.

The ban kicked up a huge conversation about people working remotely.

Mayer says she recognises that people working alone tend to be more productive, but she also said that people working in an office tend to be more collaborative.

For Yahoo, which she’s trying to turnaround, she wants employees to collaborate.

Mayer says that without collaboration, the new Yahoo weather app wouldn’t have happened. The new app has Flickr images from around the world as the background, and the images change depending on the weather.

This sort of thing is possible because the weather team can talk with the Flickr team, says Mayer. It’s hard to do that when people on each team are remote.

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