Marissa Mayer's "Confessions Of An (Online) Shopaholic"

Yesterday Google’s Marissa Mayer spoke to a bunch of fancy fashion executives at a WWD conference. As part of her talk she advised the execs on how to sell their wares online.

She calls herself an online shopaholic, enabled by Google’s free shipping service for employees. She can order clothes online, try them on in her office, and if she doesn’t like the clothes, just take them down to shipping to send back.

Based on her personal experience, and data from Google, here’s what works and what doesn’t for online retail sites, according to Mayer:

  • Always offer an option on your site to allow shipping to an address that is different from billing.
  • The fashion world loves Flash, and it’s good for some things like a short trailer, but overall try to avoid it because Google can’t index Flash. “Flash is probably overused” in the fashion and retail world. Do “less Flash, more content.”
  • Stop trying to paginate your product listings. Users just hit “view all” anyway. It’s not hard to scan the results, it’s not hard on bandwidth.

Our apologies for the quiet, reverby audio. Mayer doesn’t have a very booming voice and we grabbed this with our phone.

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