Marissa Mayer: Life At Google Is “Twitchy” Now That Larry Page Is CEO

Marissa Mayer

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Marissa Mayer, Google’s VP of maps and local, had a chat with Mike Arrington on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt this afternoon.Arrington asked her what life is like now that Larry Page is the CEO. Mayer says it’s “optimistic” and “twitchy”:

“Google has always been really focused on the user and Larry especially [is that way]. There’s an even bigger focus now on products and users.  We had some products that started out small, like Chrome, and those now feel a lot more central to Google. Overall [Page in the CEO role] has been a really good change,” she said.

“I think the feel is optimistic. It’s clear we’re providing a lot of value to users. There has always been a lot of energy at Google. I’ve always said that Google is a ‘twitchy’ place — everyone is always working on everything — and there’s more of that now.”