Marissa Mayer Is Trying To Stop Yahoo Employees From Checking The Company's Stock So They Focus More On Products

Marissa Mayer

Photo: earcos

It has been less than a month since Marissa Mayer took over as CEO of Yahoo, but she has already made it clear to employees that they should be focusing more on products and users.The Wall Street Journal reports that Mayer so serious about getting employees to focus more on products rather than profit that she has actually taken steps to prevent Yahoo’s staff from checking the company’s stock price.

From the Journal article:

Mayer recently ordered Yahoo’s stock ticker removed from the home page of the company’s internal website, called Backyard, signaling to employees that they should focus on creating better Web services rather than worry about corporate finances.

“I want you thinking about users,” Ms. Mayer has repeatedly said to Yahoo workers, according to people who have interacted with her.

This a huge change from her predecessors, Ross Levinsohn and Scott Thompson, both of whom were very much focused on boosting the company’s advertising revenue.

In part, this move speaks to Mayer’s background at Google where the product is everything. But as the Journal points out, Mayer may also have more freedom to focus on product rather than ads as Yahoo’s board has reportedly “promised her she will have years to repair the company’s core advertising business.”

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