Marissa Mayer Is At This Very Moment Briefing Yahoos On Her Turnaround Plan

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

Photo: Dan Farber

Yahoo needs a turnaround.So, two months ago, the board hired star Google exec, Marissa Mayer.

After much observing and discussion, she is, at this very moment, briefing all Yahoo employees on what her turnaround plan is.

Kara Swisher just tweeted: “news starts dribbling out of Yahoo meeting by Mayer: streaming not webcast and no materials handed out to avoid leaks.”

Yesterday, we wrote up the basics of what we think she is going to say…

Today, we’ll post anything newsworthy to the SAI river. Stay with us.

(Yahoo employees: reach us with thoughts, and we’ll protect your anonymity. Use personal email addresses to contact [email protected] or call me at my desk: 646 376 6014)

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