Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Just Received A $1 Million Bonus

marissa mayer yahoo ceo

Photo: Stephen Lam, Reuters

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer was paid a $1 million bonus for her first five and a half months on the job, according to an SEC filing.She’s eligible for a $2 million bonus each year, but since she only worked half the year, she only gets half the bonus.

Yahoo’s stock is up 46 per cent since she took over. While Yahoo’s earnings may not reflect big changes, Mayer has tried to change the culture at Yahoo.

  • She overhauled the executive ranks.
  • She gave all employees smartphones running Apple, Google, or Microsoft’s software. The hope is that they’ll start thinking about how to make the next generation of mobile apps to power Yahoo’s future.
  • She also gave employees free food, which should encourage them to hang at Yahoo’s offices longer. It should also encourage interaction between employees.
  • And, most controversially of all, she ended employees working from home. They now have to come to the office.

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