Marissa Mayer Doesn't Use Twitter Much, But She Is Re-Tweeting People Like Crazy Right Now

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer isn’t very active on Twitter. She has tweeted less than 1,000 times despite having 400,000+ followers. But right now she’s on a re-tweet frenzy.

In the past hour, Mayer has retweeted eleven people. Followers are promising to stop making fun of Yahoo’s logo and to make Yahoo their home pages if she does. And for some reason, Mayer is oblidging.

Maybe she has an IFFT account set up to auto-retweet. Maybe her account has been hacked. Or maybe Mayer is just in a good mood. She was just listed number one on Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list, ahead of Mark Zuckerberg and Square’s Jack Dorsey. She’s the first woman to ever achieve that.

Here’s the list of lucky Mayer followers:

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