Marissa Mayer Asked Sheryl Sandberg For Advice On The Yahoo Job

sheryl sandberg

Photo: AP

Here’s a fun, tiny nugget buried in the latest post from AllThingsD’s top reporter, Kara Swisher.She has 10 questions for Marissa Mayer, and in it, she writes, “By the way, glad to know you turned to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg for advice on this job.”

Previously we speculated that Sandberg might not have been all that excited about Mayer landing the CEO slot at Yahoo. Mayer, as a product-oriented CEO is going to be more competitive with Facebook than interim CEO Ross Levinsohn, who was a media-focused CEO.

However, maybe there won’t be bad blood between Yahoo and Facebook. Maybe Mayer and Sandberg, as ex-Googlers will be willing to work together to dethrone their old company.

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