A TV news helicopter caught a game of 'Mario Kart' being played on the Kansas City Royals' 106-foot tall jumbotron screen

Twitter/KCTV 5
  • The helicopter for a local Kansas City TV station captured a game of “Mario Kart” being played on the jumbotron at Kauffman Stadium, home of the Kansas City Royals.
  • Aerial footage showing the game on the screen was posted to Twitter on Tuesday, where the post has recieved more than 10,000 retweets and 44,000 likes.
  • Although Twitter users had many theories about who was playing “Mario Kart,” the game was actually organised as a way to raise money for the Royals’ beneficiary foundation, Royals Charities.

Some lucky “Mario Kart 8” players were recently able to duke it out on an 100-foot jumbotron screen in a 40,000-seat stadium.

Aerial footage posted to Twitter on Tuesday captured an excited Super Mario crossing the finish line on the massive jumbotron screen at Kauffman Stadium, home to the Kansas City Royals baseball team. The game being played seems to be “Mario Kart 8,” the latest iteration in Nintendo’s fan-favourite franchise.

The video was captured by a helicopter for the local news channel KCTV, while en route to Arrowhead Stadium, where the Kansas City Chiefs play in the NFL. The tweet from KCTV sports reporter Tom Martin has gotten more than 50,000 reactions at the time of publication.

The jumbotron, named CrownVision, sits out in center field, measuring approximately 85 feet wide and 106 feet tall. Which is to say, it’s a much bigger screen than most people have in their living rooms.

The mystery of who was actually playing the game was the question of the day on Twitter. Was it employees, taking a video game break? Was the stadium the victim of a break-in from game-loving burglars?

The real culprit, it turns out, was Royals Charities, the Royals’ team beneficiary foundation. The Twitter account for the charity responded to the video to say the Mario Kart was being played as part of a fundraiser. Royals Charities also teased that a “video game party” could happen again sometime in the future as the prize for a charity auction.

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