Nintendo Goes Back To The Well For A Wii Hit


Big news for Wii players, and Nintendo investors: The company is ready to port one of its best-selling franchises to its new console: Driving game Mario Kart Wii will go on sale April 27.

Mario Kart is a big deal for Nintendo–the Game Cube incarnation, Double Dash, sold 3.8 million copies in the U.S. And our managing editor wasted a good chunk of his early 20s playing the game with his slacker pals on the Nintendo 64. It’s one of the Wii’s big advantages, above and beyond its infectious ease of use — Nintendo has a huge catalogue of beloved games it can repackage for the new console, at a fairly low development cost.

No word on price, but we assume it will sell for a premium to other games, since it comes packaged with a “Wii Wheel” controller players can use to steer their cars.

Our version of an impromptu channel check: Our local Game Stop said they’d received 38 pre-orders before noon today.