Mario Balotelli Gave Away His $US250,000 Camouflage Bentley To A Teammate

Italian soccer star Mario Balotelli is on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week.

Balotelli is known for doing outlandish things on and off the field, and the SI cover story by Grant Wahl is full of great tidbits.

One of the best ones: Balotelli just gave away his infamous camouflage luxury car to a teammate.

The $US250,000 Bentley Continental GT was a big part of the Balotelli mystique when he lived in England and played for Manchester City.

It was once peed on by a Manchester United fan as well.

Balotelli told SI that he gave the car to teammate Urby Emanuel, who subsequently took off the camouflage wrap and returned the car to its original white colour.

Balotelli, Wahl said, seemed disappointed that he changed the colour.

Read the entire SI story here >

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