Marine 'Snaps' Leg, Picks Up Photography, Shoots One Of The Most Fascinating Military Instagrams Ever


The change for U.S. Marine Matthew Callahan came when he “snapped” his leg.

It was his first deployment to Afghanistan with 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment. He was an “assaultman,” a Marine specialised in assaulting hardened positions.

He was sent to the Wounded Warrior Battalion to recover, where he picked up a camera and started On-The-Job Training (OJT) to be a combat correspondent.

“I feel being a former infantryman gives me a better perspective and will serve me well in telling the stories of Marines from the ground combat element especially. Civilians have a genuine interest in knowing about the ins and outs of Marine life and I have a genuine desire to tell them. It’s incredibly satisfying and a wicked good time,” Callahan told Business Insider.

He must be having fun, because in our opinion his Instagram feed (bridgingthegap__) is one of the most fascinating in the military.

Snipers set up a snap firing position.

Watching friends repel. Dirty as hell.

Yeah, they look happy.

The Marine Corps Cobra helicopter.

Taking a break.

Marines love rockets. Love firing them even more.

No replacement for the rifle though.

Good lord this guy looks tired.

Yeah, uhhh, where do I sign up for this ride.

Snake can't be all that bad, no?

Again, happy faces all around.

Ouch. Don't want to be on the receiving end of a Marine Corps sniper.

Matthew's favourite lens, Canon 24 - 70, 2.8. Arguably the workhorse of combat correspondents.

0331 is the designation for Marine Corps machine gunners.

Climbing up steep hills is also a thing Marines do.

More rockets.

A Marine Corps saying — there's always room for one more.

Looks like a vacation.

Amphibious: The Marine Corps prides itself on sea to surface operations.

There's that smile we were looking for.

More water.

A lot more water.

How many more? At least one.

Good for the skin.

Urban operations are also an emphasis of Marine light infantry.

Nothing like fire and smoke.

Dude-cuddling is one of the military's best kept secrets.

Don't forget the never-ending battle against indigenous creepy crawlies.

The Iwo Jima memorial.

More training.

More happy faces.

These guys must have just started. This picture even smells clean.

A view the enemy definitely doesn't want to see.

Dials and meters glow in the dark.

Marine F18 frozen in motion.

Balaclava to keep the dirt out of a Marine's face.

They even operate on the decks of ships.

And train foreign militaries.

Inside the cockpit, pilots take the coolest selfies.

hand-to-hand combat training, of course.

It's tradition to get to re-enlist under any condition the Marine wants. This Marine wanted to get gassed.

Amphibious assault vehicles that have been in service for decades.

Someone obviously had a problem properly labelling his gear issue.

Sometimes small-arms aren't very small.

More international cross-training.

Happy faces.

Battalion PT. Something every Marine dreads, running in formation, forced to call running cadence.

Morning, noon and night. Once a Marine, always a Marine.

Pretty well-timed shot here.

Sunny skies in Hawaii.

No Marine likes to see folded flag.

Marines likely getting ready for hazmat training.

Kicking doors.

Marines have several ways to cross gaps.

Beneath barbed wire, chin deep in dirty water. Jungle training.

Another portrait out of Jungle Warfare Training centre.

Training in Thailand.

Killin'it with those ROCKETS!

Another smile. Must be finished for the day.

On the ready line for the physical fitness test.

In the bamboo shoot. Mountain Warfare Training centre.

Marines doing live-fire rocket and small arms, earplugs necessary.

Rockets at sunset.

A fellow Marine and one of Matthew's best friends, Sam Pomodoro rocks it for Boston beneath his service Charlie shirt.

Infantry training Marine Corps Training Area Bellows in Hawaii. Looks intense.

You've seen Marines on Instagram ...

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