A Marine shares why your ability to lead directly relates to your level of self-awareness

Angie Morgan is a Marine veteran and the coauthor, along with Courtney Lynch and Sean Lynch, of “Spark: How to Lead Yourself and Others to Greater Success.” Here Morgan shares what it takes to be a leader. Following is a transcript of the video.

If you can communicate your vision, your expectation, and then put your hands away and say, “I want you to figure this one out for yourself,” and give people the freedom to act, you’re going to be far more successful.

So I think about again intention, expectation, your vision. The more clear you can be about that, the more successful you and the other person are going to be working together. And I think it’s most important too, if people fail to miss the mark, if they fail to meet the expectation, rather than jump all over them and blame them for what they did or didn’t do, you as a leader have to first and foremost look internally. How did I communicate to this problem? Or how did I contribute to this problem? How did I perhaps set them up for failure? Is there anything I could have done differently to get a different result?

That’s really the accountable response when people working with you and through you have a misstep. I don’t believe that enough managers or senior leaders spend time, quiet time if you will, pausing and reflecting.

So I would challenge anyone to really focus on developing your self-awareness where you can be better. And if you can be humble and say, “You know I could have done this differently,” or, “You may have missed this mark here, how could we’ve worked together better?” You’re going to put people less on the defence and more focused on what you’re seeking and that’s the solution.

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