Insane Photos Of The Marine Silent Drill Team Performing With Blue Angels Overhead

There should never be a doubt in anyone’s mind as to the professionalism and the discipline of the U.S. Marine Corps.

To exemplify the Marine Corps’ high standards, the Silent Drill Platoon was formed in 1948.

Composed of a 24-man rifle platoon, the Silent Drill Platoon performs at various venues across the country, and represents the Marine Corps abroad. In their shows, they move with incredible precision — marching, moving into different formations, and tossing rifles — without the use of any commands.

Their silence, put simply, is what makes their shows so awesome to watch.

Below are some remarkable photos recently released by the Pentagon of the Silent Drill Platoon carrying out an exhibition drill, as ‘Fat Albert’ of the Blue Angels flies overhead.

Marines for the Silent Drill Platoon are selected from the two Schools of Infantry, located at Camp Pendleton, California and Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

After selection, Marines serve a two-year ceremonial tour.

The Silent Drill Platoon’s training begins at Marine Barracks Washington, and is later moved to Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, in Arizona.

The Silent Drill Platoon still carries out regular infantry training, while also fulfilling their ceremonial duties.

As uniformity is a key asset for the platoon, all members must be between 5’11” and 6’1″ while also being in the median for their weight.

After completing duty with the Silent Drill Platoon, two Marines have the opportunity to become rifle inspectors.

Rifle inspectors, along with the platoon’s drill master, pass on the specialty knowledge, training, and traditions of the Silent Drill Platoon.

The overall routine of the platoon include precise drill movements and handling of their 10-and-one-half-pound M1 Garand rifles.

Below is a video of the platoon in action.

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