Watch This Marine Corps Recruit Get The Butt-Chewing Of The Century

It’s no secret that Marine Corps bootcamp is difficult. It’s also no secret that the instructors down there are a bit more aggressive than those of the sister services.

This recent LiveLeak clip is actually from a 2005 documentary called “Ears, Open, Eyeballs, Click.”

The title comes from how Marine DIs talk to their recruits. Whenever a DI speaks directly to recruits, whether an order or a query, there are standard responses each recruit is required to know, and scream, in return.

“Ears” is something a DI says when he wants recruits to stop what they’re doing and listen. The response back is “open, sir!”

The DI will usually repeat the word several times until the response of all recruits either A – is loud enough to satisfy the DI, or B – the DI is sure they’re all listening.

When a DI wants recruits to looks at him or something he/she is doing, the command prompt is “eyeballs.” The corresponding response is, of course, “snap, sir!” (Snap because the movement of the recruits’ eyeballs is said to be so fast that they make a “snap” sound.)

Bootcamp for enlisted Marines is roughly 13 weeks, broken into three phases. The portion of this clip seems to be from the end of phase 2, during a night-time evasion course in which recruits move through a series of obstacles as if they are under heavy fire.

The course is a part of two-day evolution called Basic Warrior Training.

The recruit under the gun here is basically being blamed for “malingering,” which is when a recruit feigns illness or injury in order to skip out on training.

Drill Instructors obviously don’t like malingering, as you can see.


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