Here's The Real Reason Marine Le-Pen Should Scare The Crap Out Of Europe


So the big story to come out of the French election yesterday was the strong showing of right-winger Marine Le-Pen, the anti-immigrant Euroskeptic who came in 3rd place.She won’t be in the runoff vote, but because she (theoretically) represents a large bloc of conservative voters, people expect Sarkozy to tack in her direction between now and the runoff on May 6.

But regardless of the way the May 6 election goes, or how Sarkozy panders between now and then, that’s not really the big issue.

The big issue is that Marine Le-Pen was wildly popular among youth voters according to pre-election polls. According to one poll in early April, Le-Pen was winning among 18-24 year old voters.

When the future of rich European country like France is so strongly in favour of a Euroskeptic the political establishment around the Eurozone has to be pretty terrified.

Between this news, and the well-known youth unemployment problems in Spain and elsewhere, it’s hard not to see how Europe is blowing it for an entire generation.

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