All you need to know about Marine Le Pen — the far-right leader who could be France’s next president

Marine Le Pen rose to prominence as the leader of France’s far-right party, the National Front. Considered a populist candidate like President Trump, Marine has advocated for renegotiating France’s EU membership, cracking down on immigration, and expanding police powers. She’s also advocated for better relations with Russia.

Marine is seen as a polarising figure in France due to her political beliefs and because of her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, her party’s controversial founder. He’s been criticised for pushing radical agendas against minorities and the LGBT community, and has been accused and convicted of being a Holocaust denier.

Marine ousted her Father from the National Front in 2015 and has pledged to reform the party’s radical views.

After placing in second in the first round of voting in the French presidential election, Marine announced she would temporarily step down as the leader of The National Front. She now faces Centrist Emmanuel Macron in the runoff election.