Watch a frustrated Marine drill instructor teach a reporter how to make a bed

At Marine Corps boot camp, recruits learn how to march, shoot, and get physically fit, but before all of that, they learn how to make their bed.

So the same went for a reporter from Staten Island Advance, who recently went down to Parris Island, S.C. for a firsthand period of instruction on the proper way of making a Marine Corps “rack.”

It didn’t go well.

In a more than three-minute video, Staff Sgt. Ryan Granados, a senior drill instructor, tries to show reporter Amanda Steen how to make her rack, which should at the end be so tight a coin can bounce off of it, while the corners should feature nice 45-degree folds.

Emphasis on should.

Throughout the video, Granados has to remind her to respond to his commands — aye sir — while clearly getting frustrated that she isn’t able to get it. It’s worth noting that if Steen were a real recruit, Granados wouldn’t be so patient.

“That’s probably the worst rack I’ve ever seen, you understand?” he says at the end.



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