Facebook Promises To Crack Down On Pot Dealers


Marijuana sellers in California are using Twitter, Facebook and MySpace to promote their products, reports Fox News.

It is legal to grow and sell marijuana for medicinal purposes in California. Sellers can advertise their products, but are not allowed to put them up for sale on sites like eBay.

So, marijuana sellers use social networking sites to find buyers and and offer free delivery of goods.

One such seller, Artists Collective is experiencing great success with Twitter, Fox News says:

“We’ve been open for six months, and I’ve been doing this project for 18 [months], and only in the last two weeks with a Twitter account has anybody started paying attention to us,” says Dann Halem, director of Artists Collective. “That sends a message — an important one — and it really has been, strangely enough, the fact that we’re using Twitter that has opened the door.”

No comment from Twitter on this.

Meanwhile Facebook told All Facebook it will shut down Artists Collective’s Facebook page and that it “might take further action against the admin accounts.”

“We do not allow people to promote illegal activities on Facebook. Section 3.4 of the SRR states: You will not use Facebook to do anything unlawful, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory.

People who use Facebook to co-ordinate illegal activities are fools. We will aid in the prosecution of people orchestrating illegal activities off of Facebook, such as in this case. We work hard to make Facebook a safe and secure environment, and we encourage users to report anything suspicious. We also include a specific tool for reporting drug-related content.”

Image: Shay Sowden

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