Colorado And Washington legalise Marijuana For Recreational Purposes

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Both Colorado and Washington approved legislation Tuesday to allow the recreational use of marijuana for adults, 21 and over.NBC News is reporting, that the Washington bill allows people over age 21 to possess a small amount of pot for personal use.

Colorado voted to approve Amendment 64, a bill which approves the recreational use of Marijuana for adults, the Huffington Post reports

Amendment 64 taxes and regulates marijuana similarly to alcohol and tobacco. It gives state and local governments the ability to control and tax the sale of small amounts of marijuana to adults age 21 and older.

Analysts project that that tax revenue could generate somewhere between $5 million and $22 million a year in the state, according to the Associated Press.

36 per cent of precincts in the state are reporting that Amendment 64 has passed, according to Colorado local affiliates 9News and Fox31.

While it will be several months, maybe as long as a year, before 21-and-over adults in the state can partake in the legal sale of marijuana, the specific parts of the amendment related to individual behaviour will go into effect as soon as Governor John Hickenlooper certifies the results of the vote.

The Governor is required sign a proclamation within 30 days of the election, The Colorado Independent reported.

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