Mariano Rivera Could Play In The Outfield This Weekend Against The Astros

Mariano Rivera

Mariano Rivera may be done pitching at Yankees stadium but that doesn’t mean he’s done playing baseball. Yankees manager Joe Girardi
says he would “absolutely” consider playing Rivera in the outfield, according to USA Today.

“It’s a situation where I might bring him in in the eighth to play the outfield, and then have him close it out in the ninth, if we have that opportunity,” Girardi said.

With the Yankees officially out of the playoff race, it would be a cool experience for fans to see the all-time leader in saves have some fun and play in the outfield. Not only would Rivera get a chance to catch some fly balls while playing center-field but we could see him take the plate..

While it would be another fun chapter in “MO’s” last ride, we can’t forget the last time Rivera was playing outfield when disaster struck. The Yankees closer has had an awesome last final tour this season with memorable farewells from every team so it may be wise to put this idea on the back-burner to avoid a bitter end to a brilliant career: