Mariah Carey's first 'Game of War' trailer is very bizarre

We miss Kate Upton.

The famous supermodel used to be the spokesperson for “Game of War” before it was announced Mariah Carey was taking over in June.

This writer is not a fan of “Game of War.” In fact, a few months ago I wrote at length about how ridiculously convoluted the actual game was to play. It’s also not fun, not intuitive, and seems like sort of a big racket to get your hard-earned cash.

But it’s still one of the top grossing games in the app store, with perhaps the most ubiquitous ad campaign. And you’re going to be seeing a lot of this, we’re sure, in the near future. Mariah Carey’s first trailer for the game is out and it’s really weird.

It begins with a dragon's deadly ascent.

These guys are scared. That dragon is scary.

In a desperate search for help, they pull out their phones, and call for reinforcements. This is clearly advertising the options the game has to team up with others online.

Help comes from a few different places in every direction.

All charging in to Mariah Carey's iconic song 'Hero.'

Including this mean looking dude with a monstrous weapon.

Just then the guys look up and see the dragon blasted out of the sky, but who did it?

She did. Mariah did it.

It's a little bizarre but worth watching in its entirety to hear the way they wove in the music. Here's the full trailer via TMZ.

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