Mariah Carey Performed In 3 Ridiculous Slings After Dislocating Her Shoulder

Last week, Mariah Carey tweeted that she dislocated her shoulder and teased that her sling would be “fashionable.”

She wasn’t joking.

On Saturday, Carey took the stage at the Major League Baseball All-Star Charity Concert at Central Park, where she performed with the New York Philharmonic.

Throughout her performance, Carey had THREE sling changes.

She started with this white fluffy number:

Mariah Carey sling

And then a team of highly-trained sling changers switched out the fluffy “winter wonderland” style …

Mariah Carey sling

For this badazzled sling that perfectly matched her dress.

Mariah Carey sling

With a dress change clearly came a sling change. This sling was made fully of long, black feathers.

Mariah Carey sling

But with or without the dislocated shoulder wrapped in feathers, gems or white fluff, Mariah still rocked Central Park.

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