These GIFs Show Just How Much Mariah Carey Was Photoshopped In Her Recent Magazine Cover Shoot

High-profile photographer Terry Richardson recently photographed singer Mariah Carey for the summer issue of U.K.-based Wonderland magazine.

It turns out that the photos were heavily Photoshopped to make the 44-year-old star look younger, thinner, and more attractive than she actually is, according to un-retouched photos acquired by Jezebel.

While the changes to Carey’s body and face are drastic, they are not unexpected, as most fashion cover shoots employ similar techniques.

What is most surprising is just how poor quality the original photography is. Richardson, who has been surrounded by controversy for allegedly preying on young models, is known for shooting high-profile celebrities using a rough, candid style. It seems that, for Wonderland, that just meant amateurish.

The original photos in the Wonderland shoot appear blurry, over-lit, and washed out. The retouched photos that appear in the magazine have been altered heavily to fix those issues.

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