WHOA: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Love Child And Maria Shriver’s Son Were Born Only Days Apart

shriver schwarzenegger

The Arnold Schwarzenegger love child circus just got a little bit crazier and a lot more awful.

Naturally TMZ spent yesterday digging up the birth certificate of the child Schwarzenegger had with his housekeeper over a decade ago and the result is we now know that that child was born within days of Maria Shriver giving birth to their youngest son Christopher.

The mind reels.

Meanwhile, Maria has hired a top divorce lawyer (I guess so!).  And naturally, because this is L.A., the woman Arnold was long-rumoured to have had an affair with, child “star” Gigi Goyette, has hired Gloria Allred to represent her in some yet-to-be determined lawsuit that will likely unfold on cable TV.

Short version: This is just the beginning.