Maria Sharapova posted a rambling message on Facebook thanking her fans and declaring she will return to tennis

Maria sharapovaKevork Djansezian/GettyMaria Sharapova is confident she will return to tennis.

Maria Sharapova seems to be handling her suspension from tennis following a failed drug test pretty well.

On Wednesday, Sharapova took to Facebook to post a message thanking her fans for their support.

The result was a long-winded, scrambled note about reading emails, going to the gym, online shopping, being followed by paparazzi, then, finally, thanking fans.

“I woke up yesterday morning with an inbox, in full capacity of love and compassion,” Sharapova began.

While she gets off-track a couple of times, there are a few big takeaways from the message, perhaps the main one being that she wants to return to tennis.

“Nothing came to mind at 6am, except that I am determined to play tennis again and I hope I will have the chance to do so. I wish I didn’t have to go through this, but I do – and I will.”

Read the entire post below:

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