WATCH: This Russian Newscaster Kept Her Job, Despite Asking If Putin Should Be ‘Buried’

It wasn’t the best time to mix names, given the context.

Maria Bukhtuyeva, a newsreader on the private Russian TVK channel announced on Friday that Russian billionaire and presidential candidate Mikhail Prokhorov had proposed a referendum to decide whether Vladimir Putin should be buried. She added that Russian netizens were actively debating the issue.

In fact (perhaps much to the disappointment of anti-Putin protestors), Prokhorov was talking about the burial of Vladimir Lenin, leader of the 1917 Russian revolution. Lenin’s embalmed body has been on display in a mausoleum in Moscow’s Red Square since his death almost 90 years ago.

Bukhtuyeva later apologized and corrected herself on air, but a video of the clip quickly became a YouTube sensation.

In such a fragile political climate, where it is dangerous to say anything against Putin, some internet users questioned whether Bukhtuyeva would be fired over her gaffe, Ria Novosti reports.

But TVK Executive Director Ksenia Cherepanova dismissed the rumours.

“It was just a slip of the tongue, and when I am asked whether we are going to fire her, I reply: ‘On what grounds?'” Cherepanova told Ria Novosti. “Honestly,” she added, “I am shocked that our people are so cowed.”

But maybe Bukhtuyeva should count herself lucky. Media gaffes have not always gone unpunished in Russia.