Maria Bartiromo carries around a custom-made on-air earpiece in her bag

Mohamed el-erian maria bartiromoREUTERS/Fred ProuserMaria Bartiromo.

Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo likes to use her own on-air earpiece, so she keeps her own personal piece that’s moulded to her ear in her bag.

The markets editor let Us Weekly take a look inside her Prada tote.

In addition to the ear piece, they also found Harman Kardon headphones, Vicks menthol cough drops, a handful of pens and highlighters in a Ziploc bag, and a special red ribbon tied in a bow that her mother gave her for good luck.

“I never take it out because it’s from my mum,” she told Us Weekly.

Take a look at her Prada bag and its contents over at Us Weekly ยป

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