Here's What Maria Bartiromo Looks Like On Fox Business

“Money Honey” Maria Bartiromo hosted her first show on Fox Business Network after leaving CNBC late last year.

In case you missed her new show’s debut, we’ve included some screenshot highlights below.

Here’s Bartiromo in her show’s promo video heading uptown in a car. (She doesn’t appear to be wearing a seatbelt.)

In the promo video, Bartiromo is seen walking into News Corp’s headquarters in Midtown Manhattan. While at CNBC, she was a fixture at the New York Stock Exchange where she hosted her show. She was also the first journalist to report live from the floor.

Here’s the new logo for her show. It’s called the “Opening Bell with Maria Bartiromo.” She used to host the “Closing Bell” at CNBC.

The show set…

Bartiromo opening her show in a red skirt suit. She didn’t use her old tagline “I’m Maria Bartiromo…Do you know where your money is?”

She broke some news that Prince Al-Waleed might purchase a stake in Jack Dorsey’s Square.

She also left the set to tease a segment with Mario Gabelli.

Here she is greeting Gabelli.


Fox Business screen grab

She also had Dallas Fed’s Richard Fisher right around the time the Dallas Fed manufacturing report came out.

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