How Maria Bartiromo Became The Most Famous Business Journalist In The World

Maria Bartiromo’s journey to the top of financial broadcast journalism has been a rocket ride – from her early days as a production assistant for Lou Dobbs to young CNBC star to host of her own show.

Her success seems inevitable now, but obviously it wasn’t. 

Maria’s “break” came only after she ignored the advice of her boss Lou Dobbs, who told her that by leaving her CNN producer job to become a cub reporter on CNBC she was making the biggest mistake of her life.

Maria has just published a new book – The 10 Laws of Enduring Success – that draws on the experiences of the thousands of executives she has interviewed over the years, as well as her own career and professional philosophy.

We sat down with her recently for an exclusive interview about:

  • how she got to the top;
  • how she’s stayed there
  • how she deals with the constant criticism from the media and viewers.
  • how financial journalism has changed.
  • her plans for the future.

See the full interview below, or go to the following highlights:
Maria Bartiromo: Here’s Why I Don’t Sucker-Punch My Guests With Brutal Questions
Lou Dobbs Told Maria Bartiromo That Going To CNBC Would Be The Biggest Mistake Of Her Life
Maria Bartiromo Talks Weight Gain And Living In A Fishbowl
Why Maria Bartiromo Quit Her Awesome Job At CNN

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