Maria Bartiromo Insults All Of Her Old Colleagues At CNBC

Fox Business Network anchor Maria Bartiromo blasted her former colleagues at CNBC, saying they weren’t working as hard as her when it came to booking guests.

The Daily Beast’s Lloyd Grove reports (emphasis ours):

“It wasn’t just the intense competition, it was a competition with my own company at CNBC,” said Bartiromo, who is marking five weeks of anchoring her two-hour stock market program on FBN, Opening Bell with Maria Bartiromo, and on Sunday debuts her live hour-long interview show on Fox News, Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo. (In other words, her famous name and face are all over both cable outlets.) “Six or seven years ago, my boss came and said, ‘Maria, you’re the only one who’s working, the only one who’s picking up the phone and getting big hitters on the air, and I need to make other people do that.'”

Elsewhere in the story she complains about other shows trying to book her guests, rather than getting their own — intra-CNBC poaching, basically. In a sense, Bartiromo’s perspective is not that different than what was expressed by some insiders at CNBC projected a sense of relief that she had left because of constant head-butts over booking guests, Business Insider’s Joe Weisenthal reported earlier.

Read The Daily Beast’s full Bartiromo report here >

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