Margot Robbie accidentally gave someone a misspelled 'Suicide Squad' tattoo

In case you didn’t know, Margot Robbie does tattoos. But you may not want one from her.

The actress appeared alongside “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” costar Tina Fey on Stephen Colbert’s post-Super Bowl “Late Show” and revealed that she had inked about 26 tattoos.

“At first, I really had to beg people,” Robbie said. “And then it became a thing. People ask me now.”

Both Fey and Colbert said they’d get a tattoo from Robbie. That was until she revealed that she once misspelled one. “A good time to be pretty,” Fey quipped.

Turns out that some of the crew on the shoot for “Suicide Squad,” in which Robbie plays Batman nemesis Harley Quinn, got tattoos in honour of the movie. But they were giving it a creative spelling.

“Everyone was spelling it ‘S-K-W-A-D,'” Robbie explained. “But I went straight from the ‘S’ to the ‘W.'”

“‘Swad’?” a bewildered Fey asked.

That was enough for Colbert to change his mind about getting inked by Robbie. Hopefully, her victim —  one of the casting asisstants — has a sense of humour. Robbie posted the following joke on Instagram:

Watch her explain the mistake below:

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