Watch The Star Of Economic Crisis Movie "Margin Call" Prove He Knows Nothing About The Economic Crisis Or His Movie (VIDEO)

Simon Baker is one of a host of actors (including Kevin Spacey and Demi Moore) who star in “Margin Call,” which opens this Friday and follows the early stages of Wall Street’s financial collapse. (Think “Too Big to Fail” for the big screen.)

Baker went on “Live! With Regis And Kelly” this morning to promote the film, and thanks to a grilling from Regis Philbin, he came off looking woefully underinformed.

Philbin asked Baker about the causes of the financial crisis, the response and the potential solutions — and whether he was discussing it in terms of real life or the movie, Baker flubbed every answer.

“You’re supposed to be ‘The Mentalist,'” Philbin quipped, referring to Baker’s CBS drama. “Come on!”

That’s when Baker got visibly annoyed. But come on, man — at least memorize some talking points.

Video below.

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