MARGARET THATCHER DIES: Haters, Cheerleaders, Badass Photos Emerge

Usually when a high-profile politician dies there is a period of reflection on their achievements — a day or two, at least, of respectful mourning.


Then after a brief pause those with pent-up grievances about the dead person start lashing out, now the object of their hate is in the news again.

No such grace for Margaret Thatcher: the haters are out in force, while staunch conservatives are rushing to eulogise her. “Polarising figure” is a phrase that gets tossed about when it comes to politicians but seldom does a public figure raise the passions of the left and right like Thatcher.

Britain’s left-wing tabloid, The Mirror, unleashed with this: “There was nothing like her before, and there has been nothing like her since. Thank God.”

Her death will stir memories for many in Britain of her staunch opposition to the creeping influence of the EU project and her vehement opposition to European Monetary Union, at a time when the country is considering a referendum on its future in Europe.

Thatcher was, it has been pointed out, spookily accurate in her predictions of the catastrophic implications of bailouts for laggard economies under a centralised currency.

Business Insider has some excellent coverage of Thatcher’s death. Here are some of the highlights today.

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