Marco Rubio's campaign website has hidden pages that appear to reveal his presidential platform

AP1110050141643AP/Haraz N. Ghanbari, FileSen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida).

Hidden pages on Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-Florida) campaign website appear to outline policy issues that will be core parts of the platform for his expected presidential bid.

On the surface, Rubio’s website only includes a teaser for his Monday evening event where he is expected to publicly announce his campaign for the White House.

However, the website’s “Sitemap” offers additional clues about his likely campaign’s priorities. Sitemaps provide an overview of websites to search engines like Google so they can easily document individual page URLs, as well as basic information about when and how frequently the pages are updated. Rubio’s pages were all updated within the last few days.

Here’s a list of some of the URL’s on Rubio’s site:

  • Stand with farmers
  • Stand with veterans
  • Cuba
  • Protect 2nd Amendment
  • Repeal Obamacare
  • Stand with Israel
  • No net neutrality
  • Cut taxes
  • Balance budget
  • Stop ISIS
  • Strong military
  • American dream
  • National security
  • Tax reform
  • The Rubio tax plan: simplify, invest, grow (video)
  • Government is crashing the internet party
  • Country (video)
  • Worst negotiator (video)
  • Dreams (video)
  • Iran
  • Protecting life at every stage
  • It begins

Rubio has worked hard to burnish his national security credentials, so it’s no surprise he apparently has a slew of pages dedicated to topics like Cuba, support for veterans, standing with Israel (presumably opposing Iran), stopping the Islamic State (also known as ISIS), and having a “strong military.” Additionally, there is another website URL — “worst negotiator” — that suggests Rubio will release a video going after President Barack Obama’s nuclear negotiations with Iran.

Rubio also appears set to go big on his controversial tax plan, as another video URL is dedicated to it. According to Politico, Rubio “would use the tax code to reward families with children while slashing levies on business and investment income but keeping a top rate personal income rate of 35 per cent, far higher than many Republicans would like.”

Additionally, Rubio’s site seems to indicate he will focus on net neutrality, the Obama administration’s push to regulate the internet like a utility. One URL states, “Government is crashing the internet party,” while another declares, “No net neutrality.”

His campaign did not respond to a request for comment from Business Insider. Based on a review of his site in the internet archive, these URLs seem to be completely new pages that he has not used in the past.

View a screengrab of the Sitemaps below:

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