RUSH LIMBAUGH TO MARCO RUBIO: Why Are You Doing Something 'That The Democrats Are Salivating At?'

APConservative radio host Rush Limbaugh pointedly questioned Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) on a recently released immigration bill, saying he was “having a hard time understanding” how the bill benefits Republicans. 

“I don’t understand why we’re doing something that the Democrats are salivating at,” Limbaugh said. “I’m just having a tough time.”

Rubio, in turn, said that his motivations for the bill were not political. As it stands, he said that the nation’s immigration system is broken.

“If we didn’t have a single illegal immigrant in the United States, we’d still have to do immigration reform,” Rubio said. “… If we are doing this for political reasons, we’re going to be disappointed.”

Rubio did add, however, that he thought it would improve Republicans’ standing with a fast-growing demographic in the United States. He said it would help the party make its argument that “what they came here to get away from was big government.”

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