MARCO RUBIO: The Obama White House 'Pits People Against Each Other'

Sen. Marco Rubio appeared on Jon Stewart‘s The Daily Show Monday night to promote his new book, An American Son, and defended his comments on both immigration and calling Barack Obama the “most divisive” president. 

Stewart lightheartedly praised Rubio for both “marrying up” and his college football career, but the conversation quickly turned to immigration and President Barack Obama. 

On immigration, Rubio said, “The issue is over-simplified by both sides.” The senator, who wrote the Republican alternative to the DREAM Act, said, “I think there are people who go too far on both sides.”

But Rubio was much more harsh in his criticism of President Barack Obama.

“On issue after issue, I see the White House trying to pit people against each other,” Rubio said. When Stewart asked Rubio about his recent statement calling Obama “most divisive” president, the Florida Senator did not back down from that assessment. 

Watch the interview below: 

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