Marco Rubio responds to awkward photo of him attempting to hug Ivanka Trump that was 'blowing up Twitter'

Sen. Marco Rubio jokingly tweeted Tuesday that he was “investigating” a photo of a “failed hug” between him and Ivanka Trump that caught some attention on social media.

The photo was originally tweeted Associated Press congressional reporter Erica Werner on Tuesday.

Ivanka, who is an adviser to President Donald Trump, was at the Capitol to discuss pro-family tax reform policies with a group of lawmakers, including Rubio.

Twitter users quickly began mocking images of Rubio’s and Ivanka’s encounter.

Rubio appeared to poke fun at himself, saying he was actively “investigating” the hug.

Rubio said his team believed they had “unclassified photographic evidence” of the incident.

He jokingly tweeted that he would also be looking into video footage and was seeking anyone who might have had video footage of the encounter.

Rubio tweeted another angle of the hug and jokingly added “faces blurred for security purposes.”

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