Marco Rubio's $80,000 boat is 'unsinkable'

Marco Rubio boatEwboats.comAn EdgeWater 245CC Deep-V Center Console

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) has seen his personal finances scrutinised since he launched his presidential campaign in April. The latest questions came via a New York Times story published Tuesday that detailed how he bought an Audi and an $US80,000 boat while deep in debt.

The Times described Rubio’s purchase as a “luxury speedboat,” but his team is pushing back against that characterization. Rubio’s spokesperson Alex Conant subsequently provided Politico with information about the model of boat Rubio bought, which was an EdgeWater 245CC Deep-V Center Console.

Politico said this proved “the vessel in question is not the glamorous ‘luxury speedboat’ the Times article portrayed” and “is, in fact, an offshore fishing boat.”

However you might define the boat, it is clearly marketed as an impressive craft. The manufacturer’s website describes it as an “unsinkable” boat “of unmistakable distinction” with “offshore capabilities.” Check out the boat’s full specs here.

Rubio’s spending habits have been questioned since his days in the Florida Legislature when it was revealed he used campaign and state Republican Party credit cards for expenses including haircuts, a family vacation, and purchases at a liquor store.

In a fundraising email to supporters on Tuesday, Rubio attempted to capitalise on the Times story. He characterised it as the paper suggesting he’s “not rich enough to be president” and implied his situation is different from that of Democratic Hillary Clinton, who has made millions in speaking fees.

“Like millions of Americans, I had to take out student loans to pay for college and law school, and only paid them off recently,” Rubio wrote in the email. “But the biggest debt I have is to America.

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