Netflix Reveals The Trailer For Its $90 Million Show 'Marco Polo'

Marco poloPhil Bray for NetflixLorenzo Richelmy plays explorer Marco Polo in Netflix’s upcoming original series.

Netflix released the first teaser trailer for another new series, “Marco Polo.”

The high-profile series chronicles the life of the famed explorer in 13th century China where he crosses paths with the likes of Kublai Khan.

The series is created by John Fusco (“Hidalgo”) and will star newcomer Lorenzo Richelmy as the lead while Harvey Weinstein serves as executive producer.

The Weinstein Company is also working with Netflix to release a “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” sequel on the streaming site next summer.

The New York Times reports “Marco Polo” costs about $US90 million to produce. To give you an idea of the enormity of that production scale, the first “Mission Impossible” movie cost an estimated $US80 million.

Deadline reported last year an average Netflix TV series costs between $US3.8 million to $US4.5 million an episode. That would bring the cost of a 13-episode series to just under $US60 million.

The series looks like it’s trying to capture some of the thrill of HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” interspersing sex scenes with heavy action. Maybe that shouldn’t be a surprise since “Marco Polo” executive producer Dan Minahan actually did work on “GoT” and “True Blood.”

The trailer actually reminds me of what Fox was trying to do with an Ancient Egypt series called “Hieroglyph” which was cancelled before it even had the chance to premiere on TV.

The 10-episode series will debut December 12 on Netflix.

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