The Difference In Unemployment Between People Who Graduated From College And Those Who Didn't Is Gigantic

There’s a lot of debate about the job and economic prospects for the current generation of college graduates. The fact that student debt has ballooned so much only exacerbates the tension of whether graduates will be able to find good jobs in a timely manner.

Despite all this, the latest jobs report confirms that folks with a college degree (red line) have an unemployment rate far lower than those who don’t have one (blue line).

FREDThat being said, it is nice to see that the unemployment rate for those without a college degree took a nice leg down in March, dropping from 7.9% to 7.6%. In this chart, we zoom in on the blue line above, and we made it a bar chart so you can more clearly see the change each month.

FREDAs you can see, it’s been a good several months for the population that didn’t go to college, though the job prospects for this group lag significantly those of people who did graduate.

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