Complete Roundup Of March Auto Sales

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It’s April 1st, which means in addition to playing pranks on your boss, March sales numbers from automobile manufacturers are in.

We’ll update the numbers as they’re released here, so be sure to check back:

-GM: Sales up 43% to 185,000 units.

-Hyundai: Sales up 15.4% to 47,000 units.

-Ford: Sales up 39.8% to 184,000 units.

-Porsche: Sales up 9%.

-Fiat: Italy sales up 20% to 80,600 units.

-Chrysler: Sales down 8% to 92,600 units.

-Mercedes Benz: Sales up 28% to 20,000 units.

-Honda: Sales up 22.5%.

-Nissan: Sales up 43% to 95,000 units.

-BMW: Sales up 2.6% at 21,600 units.

-Toyota: March sales up 35.3% to 186,800 units.

-Audi: Sales up 33.5% at 8,500 units.

-Suzuki: Sales down 72% at 2,200 units.

-Mazda: Sales up 5.5% to 23,100 units.

-Volkswagen: Sales up 41% at 22,200 units.

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