32-year-old Lakers rookie keeps ending up on the wrong side of highlights, and he's becoming the laughing stock of the NBA

32-year-old Brazilian point guard Marcelo Huertas has become one of the NBA’s most entertaining players, but for the wrong reasons.

Huertas is in his first season in the NBA, joining the Lakers on a one-year, minimum-salary contract after playing several years in Europe.

While Huertas has carved out a nice role as a backup point guard for the Lakers, unfortunately, he’s become known to the NBA world as a victim of some brutal highlights.

It started last week in a game against the Miami Heat. Huertas presented the Internet with a gold-wrapped highlight, chucking up two terrible shots in the span of five seconds as he tried to beat the shot clock:

Granted, this is not entirely Huertas’ fault, as he was passed the ball in a bad situation with limited time on the clock. Nonetheless, it wasn’t the most impressive one-on-one display the NBA has ever seen.

Later in the same game, Heat point guard Tyler Johnson hit Huertas with a brutal crossover.

Monday night, Huertas was once again the victim of a devastating crossover, this time by Phoenix Suns point guard Brandon Knight.

Again, great move by Knight, but this is not a great look:

Knight, of course, can sympathize. He was the victim of one of the most brutal dunks in NBA history, and became the butt of the joke for years. He turned that around by becoming one of the better point guards in the league.

And Huertas is getting his fair share of flack from the NBA world. 

SB Nation accurately described Knight’s crossover, saying, “Marcelo Huertas is still wandering around Phoenix, wondering where Brandon Knight went.”

Others have picked up that defenders going at Huertas might become a trend:

It’s not all bad for Huertas. He only plays limited minutes, but he’s averaging seven points and nine assists per 36 minutes, and he’s shooting a solid 43.5% from the field and 37.5% from three-point range.

He’s even had some highlights of his own!

While Huertas is still getting adjusted to the NBA, his 32-year-old legs aren’t going to get any fresher, and he’s already having trouble keeping up with quick point guards. We fear this is just the beginning for poor Marcelo Huertas.

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