'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Director Teases A Glimpse Of Spidey's New Costume

The sequel to “The Amazing Spider-Man began filming February 5. Every day since, director Marc Webb has been sharing a set photo per day on Twitter

While we’ve seen photos of an electrician and a piece of Oscorp, yesterday Webb finally teased a piece of the new Spider-Man suit Andrew Garfield will be wearing in a Telly video.  

It’s nothing huge, but it’s a look at Spidey’s eyes. 

amazing spider man costume right eye

Photo: Telly screencap

amazing spider man costume left eye

Photo: Telly screencap

Quickly after the video appeared online, fans began speculating on Twitter the film may be featuring Spider-Man’s black suit.  

This would make sense with reports of Felicity Jones joining the cast, as, who we assume would be, Black Cat. Fans of the comics know the new suit is introduced with her appearance once the original blue and red suit gets destroyed. 

If you’re in or around NYC and want a chance to see the crew in action, we hear they’re filming around 71st St and 2nd ave today.

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